Best Android Apps to lock Your Personal Apps

Android is the most popular mobile os in the world. And as we all know it provides various features and options to sync your all  personal and professional data through your various devices by the means of your email id. This can make your data vulnerable sometimes. So, these days privacy is becoming a huge issue in the world of technology. One solution to this is that you can lock your phone. But sometimes it does not seems a good option as it is considered rude by others when someone else asks for your phone to make a call or send a text. Continue reading

Welcome To Tile Charts

This is a welcome post for this site, Tile Charts. We welcome you to our blog. We are Tile Charts and we write about the fastest changing market of the world, that is technology. We write about  latest technologies, and as we can see how fast the technology is changing. By judging the rate of that, we must know about the latest gadgets and technologies. So, Tile Charts thinks it as our duty to inform our readers about the latest technologies. Continue reading